kellan macinnes


Kellan MacInnes is an emerging Scottish writer. Kellan thinks he contracted the HIV virus in the summer of 1988. Diagnosed with AIDS related cancer in the late 1990s and given just six months to live, he did what people did back then. He packed in his job, cashed in his pension, went home and waited to die… only he didn’t.

Since not dying of AIDS, Kellan has worked as a befriender, a painter and decorator, a supermarket delivery driver, an Airbnb host and a bike tour guide. Kellan’s first book, the best-selling Caleb’s List (Luath Press) was acclaimed by readers and reviewers alike and was shortlisted for the Saltire Society First Scottish Book Award, Scotland’s most prestigious literary prize. Kellan went on to write his first novel The Making of Mickey Bell which is published by Sandstone Press.

                      Pinnacle Editorial

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